Chairman Professor Nicolas Novitzky nicolas.novitzky@uct.ac.za
Secretary Dr JacqelineThomson jthomson@oncology-sa.co.za
Treasurer Dr David Reynders david.reynders@up.ac.za
Coastal Representative Dr Mike du Toit jmgdutoit@mweb.co.za
Inland Representative Dr Devan Moodley shun@iafrica.com


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The South African Stem Cell Transplantation Society (SA SCTS - hereunder referred to as the Society) is a scientific and educational non-profit organization aiming to bring together haematologists, oncologist, physicians, scientists, nurses, technologists and medical administrators with an interest in and/or involved in the teaching, research, practice and promotion of haematopoietic stem cell transplantation. The objectives of the Society are:

1.1 To set the standards for the education, training and practice of haematopoietic stem cell transplantation in South Africa.

1.2 To organize annual meetings and provide a forum for the discussion of advances in this field.

1.3 To synthesize and evaluate evidence-based and consensus guidelines for the management of transplant related clinical problems.

1.4 To promote the acquisition, dissemination, exchange and application of knowledge in haematology, immunology of transplantation, stem cell biology, radiation biology, pharmacology and haematopoiesis.

1.5 To develop, standardize and critically evaluate new and existing instrumentation, tests, and reagents to harvest, manipulate and purify cell populations that are of interest in transplantation (cell therapies).

1.6 To encourage and promote collaborative activities among members working in the field and related fields as well as with other national and international organizations.

1.7 To interact with other groups with similar core activities such as the SA Bone Marrow Registry.



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